Workshop with Sarah Leupen: Team-based learning

Workshop with Sarah Leupen: Team-based learning

Sarah Leupen will talk about the most recent trends in modern teaching – in English, of course.

The seminar is suitable for teachers of all levels of the education system.

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Our students will learn more, and more deeply, and remember what they learn for a longer time, if we focus our classes on what students will do and learn, instead of what we will say. But how can we do this, especially when there is so much content to “cover”? This workshop is a practical session that will show you how to begin to make the change to focusing on student learning—and see what that means for planning each class day. Although it seems like a big change, it is one you can make gradually, and one that ultimately creates a lot of freedom and space for learning.

About Sarah Leupen

Sarah Leupen is a senior lecturer in the Department of Biological Sciences and the Honors College at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), Marlyand, USA, where she teaches physiology, anatomy, reproduction, and other topics and has received multiple teaching awards. She frequently leads workshops in active-learning and evidence-based teaching techniques, especially collaborative learning practices, and performs pedagogical studies evaluating the effectiveness of various techniques. She is also involved in efforts to research and implement an increasing emphasis on quantitative thinking in biology education. For academic year 2016-2017, she is a Fulbright Scholar at Charles University’s Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, where she trains teachers in active-learning techniques and teaches physiology.